What is important in your Real Estate Service Business?


Real Estate Agents and Realtors provide a very important service to the community. This distinct service encompasses the following aspects:

People: Buyers and Sellers, Property Managers, Investors and the varied Real Estate Industry Supporting Service Vendors represent the exclusive community of those that require the services of the Real Estate Agent.

Process: The methods utilized to provide the end user with their needs in the real estate transaction. The Real Estate Agent must have an organized process in place to manage their client expections, lead management, marketing, operational procedures and closings. Without an effective process in place, the Agent will find it difficult to provide steady growth in their operations.

Tools: The age of technology is here to stay and remain a steady force in the growth of your Real Estate business my fellow Entrepre-Innovator! Ignoring and/or avoiding this tool in your business operations will effect your productivity and weakens your range of exposure and efficiency. The processes will drive the tools in which you decide to use in your business from the basic company website to the structured office policies and procedures.

Are you utilizing a customer relationship management program for your clients? I sure hope so!!!! If not, you are missing out on capturing some key data that  you can utilize in your marketing planning for the upcoming Real Estate buying and selling season.

This topic is so relevant that I would love to get feedback on your thoughts, so please sound off in the comments below?

  1. What tools have you found to be most useful in your real estate business?
  2. How did you decide on which processes you would utilize in your business operations?
  3. Are there any processes that you would like to change? Why?

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