Frequently Asked Questions

Maryland Virtual Assistant, Email Marketing, Real Estate Marketing Services and a Lot More!

How can I hire Business Solutions Café?

Use the “Schedule” feature on the website to request your complimentary call to discuss your company needs.

What are your operating hours?

Business Solutions Café  Team Members are titled “Executive Solutionists” and operate based on our client needs. Each of our Executive Solutionists are assigned a specific client. Once our clients have finalized and submitted their projects and/or tasks which need to be completed, our Executive Solutionists create “Scheduled Milestones” which are related to dates in which the tasks/projects are to be completed. Our team approach is to be available when our client most needs us; therefore, maintaining the flexibility to work around a normal “9 to 5” schedule.

Can I purchase a set amount of hours or am I required to sign a contract for a minimum length of time?

Business Solutions Café takes pride in being the ultimate Administrative and Marketing Solutions Provider. Because of this, we are able to maintain a dedicated staff of educated, skilled and resourceful Executive Solutionists who manage our client needs daily from the minuscule projects such as scheduling client appointments to larger projects such as building a client’s website with all of the required features to include Lead Management services.

Because our services require extreme effort, time, focus and knowledge to manage our client needs, we require a minimum contract term of at least six (6) months. A dedicated Business Solutions Café Executive Solutionist will work with you to define the best possible solution to your business needs and develop the most cost-efficient solution.

Will my Executive Solutionist have specific industry knowledge to assist my company?

Absolutely! We hire the best and brightest industry professionals that hail from previous careers such as:

  1. Realtors
  2. Property Management
  3. Construction
  4. Government Contracting
  5. Catering
  6. Restaurant Management
  7. Car Sales
  8. Automobile Mechanics
  9. Automotive Body Shop Owners

With the added knowledge and expertise in your Industry, our Executive Solutionists can speak your industry language as well as adapt to the needs of your customers and clients when they are conversing about your products and/or services. Our team is provided with training in Administrative, Marketing, Social Media, Sales and Customer Service so that they are equipped to handle your needs as efficiently as possible.

Our reputation demands that we hire the best and we will not waiver as it is our mission to provide the best and brightest, so that your company is represented in the highest regard!

What if I only have a small project for you to complete and I do not have a need for long-term services?

We are able to provide services to meet your short-term project; however, you must meet the minimum contract period in order to work with Business Solutions Café. Our clients are provided with a dedicated Executive Solutionist; therefore, the minimum commitment provides stability in the relationship, so that they are able to learn your business and operations. Schedule a complimentary call with us to discuss this in detail.

I am nervous about hiring someone that does not work in my office. How do I know that they are doing the work that I am paying for if I can't see them?

Well, well, well! Here we have a case of ” I only hire you if I can walk to your desk and see that you are workingism“. How many times have you asked your Receptionist or your Administrative Assistant for a report that was due to you two weeks ago? Or, your phone is ringing and your Administrative Assistant has taken an extra long break? Now here is the kicker, have you walked pass your Admin and they are texting or on social media? I would shout a resounding “YES” you have dealt with the above more times than you can count. You my dedicated Business Owner are paying for late arrivals, late reports, breaks (breakfast break, lunch break, how was your evening conversation break, how was your weekend conversation break, texting break, social media break) and the list goes on.

By the way do you have that report yet? Have all your appointments been confirmed for tomorrow? Are your website updates complete?

Just because your Administrative Assistant is there in your office does not mean that they are necessarily working or providing the output that you need to grow your organization. How many hours of actual work are they putting into an 8-hour day that allows you to leave the office on time for once?

So, the solution is to hire a Professional Service Provider that is compensated based on results. This is why we do not charge by the hour and we do not have short-term clients. We have grown our organization because we provide solutions. We do not micro-manage. Our clients do not have to contact our Executive Leadership Team because their Solutionist is unavailable. We would actually be wasting our time, which in turn devalues our compensation and profitability if we do not perform according to our client needs because your monthly contract is based on the amount of hours we know, based on our internal historical data, that it takes to provide a service.

For illustration purposes, if we are building your website and we prolong the assignment for 6-months, when we originally estimated that your site (without external delaying factors) would only take 3-4 weeks max, our profitability has now decreased in value. It is our job to maintain our schedule because we support multiple clients who rely on us to complete their projects in a timely manner. You need more time in your day right???

No, we do not despise your in-house Administrative Team! We know that there are many reasons you may need your staff, but we are promoting solutions to make better use of your business needs with minimal resources as a Business Owner. Minimizing costs and increasing output is our focus.

Is it expensive to hire a Virtual Executive?

Owning a Business is the most expensive journey you will take in life. Working with Business Solutions Café is an investment and we do not take it lightly that you are entrusting us with your vision and expect that we perform. Our services are not cheap, but within reason which a prudent business owner would expect to invest into their company operations. Our monthly service packages start from $500.00 to $10,000.00 per month and are priced according to our client needs and budget. Schedule a complimentary assessment today to discuss.

My business is not local to Business Solutions Café in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, can I still hire you?

Absolutely! We are not just a local provider of services to the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, we provide our Administrative and Executive Solutions worldwide. We have the capability to meet virtually via many online video conferencing solutions, as well as teleconferencing. In addition, if you require that your Executive Solutionist work out of your office on occasion or for a long-term project or event, we can arrange for them to come to your location (additional costs will apply for such requests). Be sure to schedule your complimentary assessment to discuss further.

In fact, we have a few Executive Solutionists that have provided on-site Administrative Support to our Construction firms that require field assistance on their various projects. Our catering clients have requested their Executive Solutionists to host Tastings and provide support as Event Staff at their engagements and Trade Show Booths. Finally, due to the hectic schedules of our Automotive Body Shop clients, their Executive Solutionists have been asked to work at their shops once a week to handle all Administrative functions since they do not possess the time to send necessary documents to them for them to perform virtually and they are repairing vehicles into the late evening hours.

I work from a home office currently, do you have space in which I can utilize and work if I need to meet clients?

Congratulations! Needing to meet clients means that you are successfully working to grow your business. Business Solutions Café is excited to announce that we are growing and we are preparing to open our first Co-working Space which will provide commercial office space for business owners on an as-needed basis with weekly and monthly rates. In the meantime, we can arrange for you to utilize our current conference room (based on availability). Please discuss this with your Executive Solutionist to get more details.

Can we alter, add or remove our projects and tasks on a monthly basis as needed? Is there an additional cost?

The short answer is yes. You have the option to alter, add or remove projects/tasks as needed, but keep in mind that if your projects/tasks exceed our initial estimates, your monthly costs may increase. If you remove projects/tasks and do not replace them, your monthly cost will not decrease. Please speak with your Executive Solutionist should this need arise.