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Specializing in Real Estate and Online Marketing in Maryland

You are a budding entrepreneur (or soon-to-be) and you are so focused on growing your business, but you are finding yourself overwhelmed with the administrative and marketing tasks. These tasks are necessary to keeping your business operating as efficiently as possible and also growing at a steady pace. Every day you say, “Today is the day” that you will commit to being able to check off some of those items on that ever-growing To-Do list. Well, Business Solutions Café was created with you in mind and Today is the Day!!

Business Solutions Café is your team of Executive Professionals, providing:



Focus and


Your days are hectic and there is minimal time to enjoy your life as an Entrepreneur. But wait, isn’t one of the reasons you decided to venture into owning your own business was because you are passionate about your business and you know that your competitors are doing it all wrong?!?!

The Café provides tailored administrative and marketing services based on each client’s need, either virtually or on-site at your location. The services and the way in which we provide them is what we are passionate about. Before you tour the Business Solutions Café, here are a few helpful places you may want to visit while you are here. Get comfortable for a few moments, relax and allow us to show you why we are the Virtual Assistance and Marketing Solution for your business.